DUES ... $ 15.00 per year calender year for an adult individual and $ 20.00 per year for a couple.

Other options are described at the bottom of this page.

MEMBERSHIPS = Apply / Renew, DUES, DONATIONS = Unrestricted or chose a project to support.

Click the above box to complete the form. Please print the completed form and send to the Museum address on the form.

Dues will run from January 1 until December 31 of each year. New members who join after July 1 of each year be issued the next-year’s membership. To vote at Annual Meetings, the dues must be paid for the year in which such meeting is being held.

Dues help cover the cost of printing and mailing six newsletters, insurance at any Museum sponsored exhibition, and general administration.

Please send dues to .... SL Power Museum -- P.O. Box 400 -- Madrid, N.Y. 13660.

You can also send the dues to any Trustee or give them to the Treasurer at any event or meeting. If you wish to mail your dues, they may be forwarded to the Treasurer or any Trustee listed on the "Museum Trustee" box on the main page of this website.

------------------- MEMBERSHIP DUES OPTIONS -------------------

DUES ... $ 15.00 per year for an individual and $ 20.00 per calender year for a couple.

There are also three Associate Memberships avaialble. [ Non voting ]

A junior membership (under eighteen years of age) is offered for $ 5.00.
Business Affiliate @ $100.00 per year. The business will be recognized in newsletters and at exhibitions.
Tax Exempt Organization @ $25.00 per year

Information on the NEW Membership Option - St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum, 10/09.

Pay 10 years of individual membership = $150.00 - receive 2 years free.
Pay 10 years of spouse/companion membership = $ 200.00
Pay 20 years of individual membership = $300.00 - receive 5 years free.
Pay 20 years of spouse/companion membership = $ 400.00

Option Stipulations:

1. No refunds.
2. Payable in one payment - effective when you renew your current membership.
3. After the 10 or 20 year option has expired you can re-up or continue paying on a yearly basis
4. Available to individual voting members only.