August 1,2014 == School House Progress

Last week Roger Austin and workers put in eight days of work with the following accomplishments:

·The clapboard has been finished on the front and rear.

·The front half-moon “No. 12” and rear half-moon vent have been installed.

·All soffit, fascia, and crown trim have been installed and primed.

·The cedar shingle roof has been installed except for about two more bundles of shingles which have been back ordered. The roof is 90% complete.

·A mason has visited the site and if the price is acceptable, can start the chimney/vent on Wednesday next week.

·Half of the ceiling has been installed.

·The boys’ closet has been 80% reconstructed.

·The girls’ closet is about 20% completed.

·The ceiling in the foyer is complete but needs cleaning and sealing.

·An attic hatchway has been installed in the foyer ceiling.

·100 antique brick were collected (need cleaning).