Thanks to the Town Historian of Canton, NY == October 15, 2015

Herbie Haven (1930-1996) was one of Canton's personality and businessman who made a difference in the life of our history. His room was located under the steps of the present Black Bird Café at 107.5 Main St. Canton. His room was filled with antique iron tools on a small bench, several sewing machines, and a small sales counter completely surrounded wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling–by racks of shoes, boots, skates, belts, leather bags and slippers of every make and style There were a couple of chairs by the space heater that were always occupied by local characters. Conversation flowed regularly. And Herbie was at the center of it all.

At the Madrid Power & Equipment Museum there is a building dedication to Haven & Barbour, both Canton Cobblers, who were impeccable craftsmen and respected by all. How many shoes, boots, belts did you have repaired by Herbie? He died way too young but left a lot of memories for us all.