Cobbler Shop Background Information

There are many components of the former Barbour-Haven shoe and leather shops in Canton including original signs, treadle leather-sewing machines, cobblerís vise, leather cutters and shapers, shoe anvils, punches and other tools.

The museum aquired those items from the Morley Grist Mill Association and built a home for them. Every effort will be made to preserve the records of those who originally donated the items and especially the history they represent.

The grist mill at Morley was saved through the efforts of Charles LaShombe and other members and friends of the Association. With the passing of the Association, and as the mill turns to private hands, the Museum will do its best to protect the items and the intent of those who provided them.

The Museum is in the process of documenting and cataloging several items that used to be part of the former Heritage Grist Mill Association collection. When complete, title assignments will be prepared for their inclusion in the Museumís collection.


Shoe Repair Items:

As reported by Bob Marshall on 9/09

Barbour's Mens & Ladies Apparel at 13 Hodskin St. in Canton was a very popular store during the mid 1900's. Fred Barbour told me years ago that the store was originally a harness and leather goods store operated by his family. He always had great displays in windows and in the store, with a harness vice, wagon wheels, work tables, etc. which he said came from the shop. I don't know if Art was his father or grandfather.

As reported by Roger Austin on 9/09

Art Barbour's shoe shop appears to be the origin as his two signs and two leather stitching machines (heavy) are at the Grist Mill in Morley. Included are also harness, a new horse collar, leather, and a cobbler's bench with harness maker's vise. There are also many boxes of tacks and supplies used in the trade. Plans are for the items to form the core of a small shoe shop, complete with a sign out front during exhibitions.