March, 2015

This is the request from the St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum Equine Pavilion Chaiman, John Castle, to John Tenbusch, St. Lawrence County Planning Office, for a letter of support for our Museum Equine Pavilion project.

From: John Castle ... I am working to submit an application to the St Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency in order to construct an Equine Pavilion at the St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum site in Madrid. This application will be greatly strengthened if you would be willing to write a letter in support of the project.

Here is a brief description of the proposal: The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum ("Museum") is requesting $91.500 (90% of total project budget) in order to construct an Equine Pavilion. This Pavilion will be 70 ft. by 96 ft, including display/demonstration area and bleachers; the entire facility will be under roof and enclosed. The Equine Pavilion will be able to accommodate up to 250 persons under roof at a time for educational programs. The Pavilion will be ADA-compliant. This Pavilion will enable the Museum to provide educational experiences regarding horses (introduction; safety; riding/ driving; health/nutrition) to the public.

The Museum currently works with several local schools to provide programs for students, including an introduction to horses and horse safety. The Museum intends to utilize the Equine Pavilion to expand the availability of these educational programs to schools across the County, and to use the Equine Pavilion as a site for other horse-related events.

Since its establishment in 2006, the St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum has expanded from an original 12 to more than 25 buildings and structures. The Museum currently offers programs to the public two weekends per month throughout its season (May-October). Each program can attract up to 2,000 persons. The Power & Equipment Museum has become a major attraction for visitors and tourists, and a support for all the businesses in and around Madrid.

We ask that your letter of support be addressed to: Patrick J. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency Local Development Corporation, 19 Commerce Lane, Suite 1, Canton, NY 13617

Please submit your letter of support to the Planning Office, so that we can incorporate it into the application. We ask that you email or mail it to us by Friday, March 27th. (Address/email info below.)

For your information, we have also asked other local officials, residents, and business people to write letters of support. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter. Please contact me with any questions.

John Castle