Envisioned Horse Related Programs

The Equine Pavilion will provide covered space for a variety of horse related programs. These include training classes on riding, driving teams, and safety; competitions for riders and pullers; and shows featuring various varieties of breeds. The Pavilion will be of pole barn construction. The main area will be a 50' X 100' arena with a 20 X 100 area with bleachers for spectators. The spectator area will be protected from the arena by stout fencing to provide a safe viewing area. Plans are being coordinated by John Castle, Bob Marshall, and Eric Warner. If sufficient funds are available, construction could begin in 2015. Contributions from members and friends will be welcome. Grants have also been applied for. If you wish to make a donation to support construction of the Equine Pavilion please send your check to the Museum at PO Box 400, Madrid, NY 13660 and note the gift is for the Equine Building. If you are interested in joining the group or have questions, please contact John at (315) 322-5663 or email andreacastle@slic.com.