Farmhouse Repairs

Farmhouse Repairs - Preventative Maintainance --Summer of 2015

Farmhouse Gets a Facelift and New Knees

It was not long ago that the Goolden Mann Farmhouse enjoyed a new coat of paint. But old construction and materials, North Country weather, and paint that no longer puts oil back into the wood conspire to cause it to peel and expose it to rot and decay. You may have also noted that the rear shed room also has a distinct list toward the back corner. For the last several weeks, Don Lustyik has led a crew including Reg Chester, Joe Finnegan, Taylor Grant, Bob Smith, and Bob Tracy. Barb Lustyik and Shirley Dickinson also helped. At this writing the exterior work is nearly completed. The shed has been stabilized, and the floor will be leveled. The old siding has been removed, and rotted window sills and boards have been replaced. The entire building has been covered with house wrap. It is now clad with white vinyl siding with some of the trim covered with white metal. The roof was replaced a couple years ago. When completed, maintenance concerns should be greatly reduced. Hats off to the crew!