Log Cabin

Project Chairman Roger Austin's Report - May 10th through 24th 2015

Log Cabin - First 2 weeks - Dismantling and Moving Preparation

During the past two weeks, we have prepared the log cabin for either being moved as a unit or dismantling it and moving the components. To date the lean-to shed on the back has been dismantled; the roof has been removed; all electrical, plumbing, and heating connections have been disconnected; notes and photographs taken; and a detailed study of the structure made. Because of the unexpected design of the buildings, separate floor and walls, side and front/rear walls at different elevations and the compromised front rot and window cut outs, we have decided that moving it in one piece is not possible. Beginning Tuesday, the last of the interior and exterior cladding will be removed and the logs will be taken down one at a time. Jerry Crossett will provide a 30' trailer and loader Tuesday afternoon. A hired crew will do the heavy work. Key components will be labeled. By weeks end I expect to have the cabin and all its materials moved to the Museum. I currently plan to stack it a bit south of the BBQ shed and build a temporary roof to protect the materials. Id welcome any better suggestions. We will be taking careful measurements of the foundations. I do not expect the building to be reconstructed until next year.