Project Chairman Roger Austin's Report, - May 25th - 26th 2015

Log Cabin Exciting News Today.

Carol and I started removal of the paneling inside the house on Monday afternoon Ė more on that later. Today, Don Lustyik, Gary Hargrave, Taylor Grant, myself, and 4 men from DD Construction removed 99% of the cladding inside the cabin and 95% of the outside. The middle wall is gone. We salvaged exterior boards and began filling another roll-off with trash our third. The 2nd story boards were nicely removed and salvaged. There was only one layer of tongue and groove. Weíre awaiting the flatbed trailer. After the logs are gone, weíll start removing the floor and then the sleepers beneath. The final disassembly will be the floor of the former lean-to. We have many boards needing nails removed. Itís not brain surgery, but itís necessary work. And we can use extra hands lowering the logs as we take apart the cabin. Regardless, please give us a hand if you can. We work from about 8:00 to 3:00.

Susan Mende with Northern NY Newspapers stopped by around 2:30 and is preparing an article. She will return in the AM. I expect it will take about two more hours to take down the last nails and boards, and then weíll begin removing logs around 10:00. It should not take long to dismantle the cabin. By Thursday we should be just cleaning up.

Exciting News - A diamond in the Rough

A former resident reported that her kids had lost a ring in the wall of the cabin many years ago. She showed us approximately where. Thatís why Carol and I went over yesterday. But to no avail. After several hours of work we had found nothing. All we could show was a pail of dust, dirt, rat droppings, nails, and miscellaneous uglies about 4 gallons in a 5-gallon pail. This afternoon Carol called to say she had sieved the stuff in the bucket and there it was, the gold ring with its small but lovely diamond. I will notify her tonight, so please donít give away the secret if you know who Iím talking about.