log cabin ring found

Project Chairman, Roger Austin's report, - May 25, 2015

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Carol Austin, left, returns the long lost ring back to owner, Beverly Parmeter.

Diamond Ring Found .... Work Goes On

As work started on the Log Cabin, I was told that a diamond ring had been lost inside one of the walls. I contacted Beverly Parmeter who had lived there for many years. She explained that 30 years ago her young son was playing in the loft and had gotten into her jewelry box. A diamond ring caught his eye. Suddenly the ring bounced away, fell down the crack between the floor and the wall, and down into the wall between the logs and paneling of the first floor. This May the final teardown of the wall was about to begin. The roof was gone. The next step was to remove the paneling downstairs.

Carol and I went over on a quiet Sunday afternoon. For the next three hours we carefully removed two layers of wall board and part of the ceiling tile that was in the way. We inspected every log and crevice, carefully cleaning each. Finally, no ring had been found. Carol took a dust pan and brush and gathered up all the grit and dust that had fallen on the floor, filling a 5 gallon pail. “I’ll take it home and sieve it,” she said. The work crew returned the next day. That afternoon my cell phone rang, and Carol spoke the magic words, “Guess what I found?” On Tuesday Beverley came out to the cabin, and Carol presented her the ring. The white gold ring is now in her daughter’s hands, to be saved until her granddaughter (now 7) is old enough to enjoy it.