Project Chairman Roger Austin's Report - May 30, 2015

Log Cabin Moved, Awaits Reconstruction

log cabin moving

Many surprises emerged as the Log Cabin from the Town of Lisbon was prepared for its move to the Museum. Most of the cabin is in good condition. However, the bottom logs on the front had been destroyed by rot. In the basement we found very thick stone walls supporting the cabin logs as expected. Not expected was finding that the sleepers (floor joists) rested not on the bottom log or sill, but on the inside of the wide stone wall. The floor and the walls were not connected! It had been assumed that we could remove the roof and slide the cabin onto a flatbed truck. However, this proved impossible. The roof was removed. Then the siding, interior modern paneling, and floor boards were carefully removed. Boards and logs were labeled. Finally, log by log, the cabin came down. Jerry Crossett and Roland LaFave of HD Agriculture Hauling volunteered to bring three loads of logs and lumber to the Museum. They were off-loaded with help from the Museumís neighbor, Gary Sayer, and his tractor. The logs and lumber are now under cover, awaiting a new foundation. Reconstruction will be next year as funds permit.