February 9, 2015

Meeting = NYS Dept of Health

Email Report= Roger Austin 2/10/15

I met with Sr. Sanitarian Gary Paller and Public Health Engineer Joe Brant at the NYS Dept. of Health offices in Canton yesterday. I presented them a copy of the letter to the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Authority which explained why we were reverting from the planned connection to the Town municipal waste system to absorption fields as generally envisioned by Thomas Pahler back in 2010. I also presented them a Concept Site Map for 2015 which showed the approximate location of the absorption field. The following notes were taken.

1. As the planned location of the absorption field has moved from being adjacent to the holding tanks, a new application and set of engineering drawings needs to be made. This is due to the possible difference in soil absorption and in slope at the proposed site.

2. The proposed location below the apple orchard was satisfactory. It was well outside the 100 foot minimum from the water well next to the house.

3. The engineer wants to be present when the percolation tests are made.

4. Elevation contours of the absorption field area will be needed. We may use our previously prepared topographic maps as a basis.

5. I advised them that we did not plan to use the services of Thomas Pahler and that we would inform Brant who the engineer would be.

6. Use of Float or the Tipping/Dippiing Dosing systems on our single sewage pipe are an acceptable alternative to using two alternatively pumped sewage pipes.

7. As we are an educational institution there is no Plan Review Fee.

While reviewing our files they noted that our public toilet construction work was still considered “open” as they have not received an electrical inspector’s report. I note this for those copied.