Municipal Sewage Connection Project

Roger Austin = Sept - Oct 2013 newsletter

Engineering drawings have been completed for the Sewer Line Project at the Museum. The design calls for a pump station near the Public Toilets, 2,100 feet of sewer line, a manhole at the bottom of the hill near the intersection of State Highways 345 and 310, and a bore beneath the highway to connect the line with the Town of Madridís municipal waste water system. A small sand pit has been opened on Museum property. The sand will be used to bed the pipeline in rocky ground. Jim McGraw has been operating the hydraulic excavator loaned to us by Allen and Mary Kelly, Bob Smith drove the Museumís Army Truck, and Tom Brothers operated his 1953 Ford dump truck. In all, the team moved more than 350 tons of sand.

Roger Austin = Jan - Mar 2013 newsletter

Sewage Line: An application has been made for financial support to connect the Museumís toilet and waste facilities to the Town of Madridís sewage lines and its waste water treatment plant. IF successful, we would begin construction this summer.