Public Toilet Facility Information == Background

Roger Austin = Nov - Dec 2010 newsletter

A large truck from Jefferson Concrete Corporation delivered two 2,000 gallon concrete tanks during November, generous gifts to the Museum from the company. Paul Moore had prepared excavations for the tanks which were unloaded directly into the large holes. This began construction of the septic system of a public toilet facility which will have ladies’ and men’s rooms with four toilets and two sinks in each. It will also have two shower rooms, a deep sink for campers, and a water fountain.

Two years ago, Witherbee & Whalen, Inc. donated a large concrete tank to be used as a grease trap for the kitchen. This tank soon will be connected to the overall septic system. Construction of the building itself will begin in spring and may possibly be ready for use before the June Exhibition.

The facilities will accommodate most of those with disabilities. Drawings for the building were prepared by Thomas A.H. Pahler, P.E. and approved by the NY State Department of Health and the Town of Madrid in late October.

The septic system will be developed in two phases. During the first, the new concrete tanks will be used as holding facilities requiring periodic pumping. During the second phase, one of two options will be completed, either installation of an extensive leach field for the tanks or construction of a sewage line connecting the facility to the Town’s municipal waste system. Approved designs are in hand for the former, and discussions with the Town are underway regarding the latter.