Tractor Building Work Days, September 24th - 27th 2014


Reggie Chester, Tractor Building Committee Chairman.

All photos and reports by Chuck Goolden

August 24, 2014

Gary & Mary Jean were staining the battens which may take as long to do as the building. Lots of them are left to do, including all the ones Myron cut to the proper length. A special thanks goes out to the Chester's who made this building possible along with all the volunteer helpers Reg could recruit. Volunteer workers today were: Don L., Myron L., Gary H., Lee G., Wayne S., Mary Jean C., John B., & Lee W.


August 25, 2014


August 27, 2014

Thanks to Haggett Excavating & Rental, we have a lift available for at least this weekend. Today a good start on the upper ends of the Tractor Building took place. Many thanks to Myron Langford, Charlie Alton and Roger Austin, today's workers.