Tractor building

Tractor Building Topped by RSI Roofing Inc.

April - June - 2014 Newsletter = Roger Austin

Everyone has been amazed to see how rapidly the Antique Tractor Building arose from the cold winter ground. Just as amazing has been the installation of its standing seam roof by RSI Roofing, Inc. of Gouverneur, NY. Last year, Roger LaPierre, RSI’s CEO, met Trustee Wayne Hill at the Dairy Princess Parade in Canton. Wayne invited Roger to the June Exhibition where he gave him a grand tour of our facilities and activities. Hearing of plans to build a facility for antique tractors, Roger said he would donate the roof. During May, Joel LaPierre and a crew of six from RSI arrived with a roll of steel and a machine to form the roofing panels. With two more days of work the job was complete. Reg Chester has chaired the Building Committee with members including Al Garrand, Dave Baker, Jim McGraw, Jon Mouthorp, and Ken Tupper. Construction started last year with ground preparation. Ken Tupper and Jim McGraw removed soil and set a sand base.Burns Construction, LLC was contracted to erect the building’s frame and pour concrete footwalls.