Schoolhouse 12




Project Chairman Reggie Chester really dug in and did a masterful job of planning and funding the construction of the Museum's Tractor Building. Speed was not a goal, but the project was one of the fastest and most efficient building projects to date. Reg had many volunteers, and here is a PARTIAL list: John Bartholomew, Reg and Mary Jean Chester, Wayne Day, Dave Gibson, Chuck Goolden, Lee Goolden, Gary Hargrave, Wayne Hill, Myron Langford, Shaun Losey, Don Lustyik, Elaine and Frank McDonald, Jon Mouthorp, Terry Mouthorp, Ted Schulz, Wayne Stark, and Lee Williams.

Without the help of volunteers and businesses like SeaComm Credit Union, RSI Roofing, Seaway Timber Harvesting, Haggett Construction, Kelly Sales Corp, Jim Mitchell, and The Sweetgrass Foundation, along with other donors, the Museum would not be where it is today.

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