Tractor building

Antique Tractor Building Looking Good

Sept - Oct - 2014 Newsletter = Roger Austin

Though still under construction, members and visitors alike enjoyed the Antique Tractor Building during the Fall Exhibition. Even with a line of tractors on display there was room for the Kids Pedal Tractor Pull on Saturday and Races on Sunday. After framing was completed by Burns Construction, Reg Chester, Leon Cline, Wayne Hill, Don Lustyik, and Wayne Stark had added siding sawn by sawyer Jim Mitchell and members. This had been accomplished during Exhibitions using logs donated by Pat Curran at Seaway Timber Harvesting, Inc. It fit snugly under the roof previously installed and donated by RSI Roofing. Wayne Day, Shaun Losey, and Ted Schulz connected power to the building. The painting and battens crews followed with John Bartholomew, Reg and Mary Jean Chester, Chuck Goolden, Lee Goolden, Gary Hargrave, Myron Langford, Don Lustyik, Wayne Stark, and Lee Williams pitching in. Haggett Construction loaned a man-lift so the high gable ends could be reached. As funds shrank and installation of exterior overhead doors became doubtful, SeaComm Federal Credit Union made a generous donation of $5,000 to save the day. Exterior doors were installed by Kelly Sales Corp. Wayne Stark has made a handsome Antique Tractor Building sign for the front. With the generous support of members and friends including the earlier challenge grant from the Sweetgrass Foundation, the building is now filled with tractors and ready for winter. Work will resume next spring.