Ostrander = Leather Tool Donation = 11/12/11

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As reported by Chuck Goolden

A special thanks to Al & Rita Ostrander for giving the Museum the following today:

**** A large "clicker" machine for cutting leather using molds of which Al has several.

**** A green Leather Splitter

**** Gramut Machine

Paul Moore & Doug Mathie both needed their excavators to unload the Clicker Cutter.

Al had to assist Paul with his loader to get it placed on Paul's trailer for the trip to Madrid. It was placed in the Horse Equipment Building where it will not be in the way of placing the planking on the floor where intended. After the planking is in place it can be moved to where it is decided to place it permanently. The equipment came from a leather shop in Moira some years ago before Al bought it.

All we have to do now is get it placed and wired (220) then find a member who knows about leather working or wants to learn about it. Al indicated he will be willing to demonstrate how to use the equipment when we are ready. The horse drawn wheel harrows in picturesare from the Arlie Parker woods and were previously owned by Al Ostrander's uncle.