By Roger Austin.... From the march - April 2007 newsletter.

Keeping upwith the Neighbors

You find out that the neighbors now have inside plumbing. But no way are you going to move your toilet INTO the house. But the idea of having a nice warm bathtub where you can stretch out has definite appeal.

So you send away for the Ajax portable hot water bathtub. It folds up and can be stored inthe closet. Saturday night, you roll it into the kitchen and unfold it, fill the zinc tank with water, put kerosene in the burner, and light the wick. An hour later you chase the family out of the kitchen, latch the door, and enjoy the new luxury of a hot bath.

Francis Geppner of Morrisonville, NY found this luxury device and donated it to the Museum in August of 2006. It will be at the spring exhibition for all to enjoy.