Vertical Sawmill Building Construction, Nov 12, 2012 to present

Vertical Sawmill: Paul Moore, Ken Tupper and Reg Chester have begun work on a new building to house the vertical sawmill. It will be located next to the Lane Sawmill building on the Hwy 345 side. To figure out how much room would be required, they dragged out the sawmill frame and reassembled it just for measurements. The building will be 20 x 46, post and beam construction, with a shingle roof. Paul reported pouring 10 cubic yards of concrete to form a foundation to hold the saw in place. The site has been filled with soil and sand, graded and graveled.

More Roadway: Ken Tupper has begun to extend the Schoolhouse Road past the gas station. Soil from this work was used to fill and grade the new sawmill site. As time and weather permit, he will join that road with a new Saw Mill Road which will support traffic all the way to the present and new sawmills.

DECEMBER 2012 ...

Before snow and bitter cold sealed the Museum for winter, Paul Moore broke ground on a second sawmill building that will house a ca. 1940 lateral frame saw manufactured in Switzerland. It had been donated to the St. Lawrence Gas & Steam Engine Association and became part of the Museumís collection, after its founding in 2004. The saw was donated by Hans and Ida Loretz of Brasher Falls who winter at their home in Liechtenstein. Ida was at the Exhibition last fall and was excited to hear of the pending construction. Hans bought the saw in 1974. He had it shipped to Montreal and trucked to his farm at Brasher Falls. He used it to saw lumber to construct his barn and other buildings. The saw was originally restored by the Museumís first President, Ross Goodyear, and used during shows at the Hutchinson farm. It was determined that the saw needed a permanent foundation and has been idle since. Reg Chester, Wayne Hill, and Ken Tupper helped Paul with excavation and pouring concrete for the foundations.