Ongoing Construction === started 12/09

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Sawmill Building Plans

As reported by Roger Austin from the July - Aug09 newsletter

Plans for the sawmill building moved forward when Roger Austin, Reg Chester, AI Garrand, and Paul Moore met during July to discuss its design and location. The building will be 25-30 feet wide and about 50-55 feet long. It will have a shed roof which slopes to the rear as on most old mill buildings. The open, high front will face spectators. The front will be left open. Rolldown barn curtains will cover the building when not in use. Construction will be of rough-sawn timbers. Construction will begin in September, soon after the Exhibition.

The length of the mill itself will be increased by 8-10 feet to facilitate hanndling of longer logs and lumber. It will have two drive options: an engine located behind the building connected to the mill by a shaft extending under it and an engine or tractor at one end of the building, belted to a pulley on the drive shaft. The engine behind the building will have its own separate, smaller building though connected to the main mill building for noise reduction.

The sawmill building will be the first of several that will constitute an area called Industry Row. Other timber industry structures will be constructed for the Museum's vertical sawmill, shinglemill, sidingmill, band saw, and other machines such as a wood splitter, buzz saw, and planer. Products from these mills will be used in future construction.