Mission Statement

The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum shall preserve the power systems, equipment and related knowledge and skills that were an integral part of the development of the North Country, especially the region of the St. Lawrence River. Exhibits and programs provided by the Museum will focus largely on the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. Through the Museumís programs, the community and visitors will gain a better understanding of the early, largely rural life-style of the region and how it was supported and shaped by the arrival of new technologies.

At exhibitions there will be displays of antique engines and equipment from the Museumís collection and from the private collections of its members. The displays will demonstrate their operation and use. Many early power and equipment systems utilized readily understood mechanical principles still in use today. These are not only instructive when seen in action, but fun to operate as well. Through its activities, the Museum will provide an exciting environment that will stimulate young minds, promote involvement in history and technology, and encourage recollection and reflection among older members of the community.

The Museum Members' Vision