Annual Banquet Enjoys Warm Breezy Evening

By Roger Austin - from the July - Aug 2015 newsletter.

A hundred Museum members attended the Annual Banquet in July, celebrating its 11th year of growth and service. The meal featured turkey and ham and all the trimmings prepared by the United Church of Madrid. Generous, as usual, Jim and Julie McGraw provided cake to go with the ice cream for dessert. The slide show during dinner featured the Museumís history with hundreds of pictures. President Reg Chester was the MC after the meal. Members who had worked on projects, volunteered for service or made donations were asked to stand and be recognized.

The HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT ( Reported Below ) was the presentation of awards by Reg for service to the Museum with citations read by Vice President Kevin Finnegan and Secretary Roger Austin.

The 50:50 was won by Rosie Bartholomew who generously donated the proceeds back to the Museum. Many won door prizes. All enjoyed great fellowship and warm breezes that can always be found at the Museum.



Annual Banquet Features Honorees


Carole and Lee Goolden, Linda and Chuck Goolden, President Reg Chester and Al Garrand, recipiant - Trustees award.

              !!!   Members Receive Distinguished Service Awards   !!!  

Leon and Carole Goolden:

As soon as the Museum was incorporated in 2004, the search for a home was underway. In 2005, Lee responded to an article in the Newspaper which reported our search a 50 acre farm with house, barn and out buildings and not asking more than $100,000. Leeís old family farm proved to be more than twice that in value and acres. Yet Lee and Carole offered the place at the Museumís price. The membership voted for its purchase in 2006, and efforts to conclude the purchase were underway. We closed the purchase in August, barely 6 months later. In 2013 the Museum erected the monument near the Collection Building, in memory of the three generations of the Goolden Mann families that had operated the farm for nearly ĺ of a century. Lee and Caroleís belief in establishing a Museum in Madrid and love of the farm have driven them to continue giving not only financially, but of their time as well. Though not a Board member, Lee has attended most of its meetings and maintained a keen interest in the Museumís progress. He has helped finance and spent countless hours helping to build new structures and doing every needed chore. Carole has been a painter, kitchen worker, and sweeper upper. Their support has had a profound impact on the Museumís growth and well being.

Charles and Linda Goolden:

Chuck and Linda joined the Museum in December 2005 when it became apparent that a former family home might become the site of the St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum. Three months later the site was selected by the membership. Soon after, Chuck was elected Treasurer, a position he held until last February. During his nine years of service the Museumís balance sheet has grown to over a million dollars with no debt. He kept a healthy reserve in anticipation of that rainy day which has yet to come. He instituted well prepared annual budgets and oversaw the creation of the Museumís Endowment Fund. His detailed accounts enabled the Board to understand the Museumís cash flow and make prudent financial decisions. Chuckís and Lindaís fondness of the old home place as well as the growing Museum is reflected in the many hours each spent painting, hauling, weed whacking, watering, picking up trash, and cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. They are outstanding ambassadors for the Museum, promoting it's presence in the community and attracting many new members. They have also been financially generous.

The Trustees Award: == Alan L. Garrand -

The Trustees Award is presented to Presidents upon their completion of their term of service. President Reg Chester presented the award to Al Garrand while recognizing his wife Nancy for her support during his tenure. Vice President Kevin Finnegan made these comments, ďBeing President of the Museum is a position of honor, but it is also one of great responsibility. Al completed three years of service as President in February. He was among the first members of the Museum upon its founding in 2004. He has served on the Board of Trustees since 2008 including two years as Vice President prior to becoming President. During Alís tenure the Museum saw the completion of the Horse-Drawn Equipment Building, the BBQ Shelter, and Gas Station; the creation of the Museumís Endowment Fund; and building of the new Antique Tractor Building. Alís interest in tractor pulls may soon lead to creation of a new track as circumstances permit.Ē

Outstanding Business Award: = = Roger LaPierre and RSI Roofing, Inc.

This award was announced during the Annual Banquet and later presented during a brief ceremony at the RSI offices in Gouverneur. During an Exhibition in 2013, Roger LaPierre liked what he saw. While speaking with members about the Museumís progress, plans to build an Antique Tractor Building were mentioned. Wayne Hill, a Trustee at that time, described the building in more detail. Roger suddenly said, ďIíll donate the roof.Ē After speaking with project coordinator Reg Chester, Roger agreed to provide labor and materials for a commercial, standing seam roof. In 2014, the building was erected and a team of 6 or 7 men from RSI arrived at the Museum. Panels were shaped and cut to length at the site. In 2-3 days the roof was complete. La Pierre was unable to attend the dinner, so his plaque will be presented at a later date. RSI has installed roofs at many large facilities throughout the region.