A record crowd watched a record setting 110 paid entries compete with a wonderful aray of working and restored antique tractors during Old Fashioned Harrvest Days. Many brought their machines in the day before the Sunday event, so show visitors could see and enjoy their entries. Tractor pulls promote the preservation of antique tractors and driving skills.

The River Valley Antique Tractor Club managed the event and provided the pull sled and scales. They annnounced the following winners by class. Winners received trophies during the competition.

3,000 tb.: 1st, Roland Ranger, Ford 900; 2nd, Otis Bishop. Ford Jubilee; 3rd, David Burwell, John Deere 40.

3,500 lb.: 1st Roland Ranger. Ford 900; 2nd. David Burwell. John Deere 40; 3rd. Jon Bruno, Farmall Super C.

4,000 lb.: 1st, Colleen Sica, Farmall Super H; 2nd, Kelly Jorrdan. Oliver 77; 3rd, Doug Marshall, John Deere B.

5,000 lb.: 1st. Scott Moore, Farmall M; 2nd. George Lester. Farmall M; 3rd. Brent Kuenzler, Cockshutt 40.

6,000 lb.: 1st. Cliff Bica, Farman Super M; 2nd, Kelly Joroan. Oliver 770; 3rd, Jim Moore. FarmaIl 460.

7,000 lb.: 1st. Red Chapman, Farmall Super MTA; 2nd, Kelly Jordan, Oliver 770; 3rd. Jim Moore. Farmall 460.

8,000 lb.: 1st, Mike Livingston. Case 800; 2nd. Neil Kenny, Farmall 450; 3rd. Gary Livingston. Case 800.

9,000 lb.: 1st, Ed Jordan, John Deere R; 2nd. Mike livingston. Case 800; 3rd. Terry Mouthorp. John Deere 730.

10,000 lb.: 1st, Mike Livingston, Case 820; 2nd. Ed Jordan, John Deere 820; 3rd, Steve Smith. International 660.

11,000 lb.; 1st. Teny Bellinger. International 660; 2nd. Roddy Bums, Massey FeJguson 95 Super; 3rd. Kris Jordan, Oliver Super 99.

12.000 lb.: 1st, Gary Livingston, lnternational 660; 2nd. Roddy Bums, Massey Ferguson 95 Super; Jrd, Terry Bellinger. Interrnational 660.

Century: 1st, Gary livingston, Case 800; 2nd John Smith. Intenational 660; 3rd, John McBath. John Deere 730.

5,500 Enhanced: 1st. Robert Burns; 2nd, Chuck Chapman.

6.500 Enhanced: 1st, Chuck Chapman; 2nd. Robert Burns.