Antique Tractor Pull Draws Big Crowd

The antique tractor pull is a popular event at the Museum’s exhibitions. They have been held at each one since June of 1999. The pulls are managed by the River Valley Antique Tractor and Engine Club, many members of which are also Museum Members. The pulls are restricted to tractors built in1960 or earlier -all of them now a half century old or older! Tractors are organized into weight classes. A tractor is hitched to a large sled designed to place more weight on the hitch as the tractor moves forward. Winners are determined by the weight and distance of each pull. Tractors in Enhanced classes are allowed limited modifications to the improve performance. Each pull entry pays a “hook” fee. The winners in each weight class receive a trophy. There are strict rules to assure a fair and safe competition. There were 109 hooks at this event. Winners in order from 1st to 3rd place in each class at the 2010 Fall Exhibition were the following:


3,000 lb.: Aaren Bice, Dennis Baker, Steve Baker.

3,500 lb.: Adam Kuenzler, Dave Burwell, Rocky Jacobs.

4,500 lb.: Adam Kuenzler, Red Chapman, Ed Jordan.

5,500 lb.: John McBath, Otis Bishop, George Lester.

6,500 lb.: George Lester, Neil Kenny, Kelly Jordan.

7,500 lb.: Mike Livingston, Kelly Jordan, Neil Kenny.

8,500 lb.: Mike Livingston, Gary Livingston, Kris Jordan.

9,500 lb.: Mike Livingston, Steve Smith, Greg Martin.

10,500 lb.: Gary Livingston, Steve Smith, Greg Martin.

11,500 lb.: Gary Livingston, Mike Livingston, Greg Martin.

7,500 lb Century (seniors): Gary Livingston, Neil Kenny, Ed Jordan.

3,500 lb. Enhanced: Winston Armstrong, Al Garrand.

4,500 lb. Enhanced: Winston Armstrong, Adam Kuenzler.

5,500 lb. Enhanced: Chuck Chapman, Brent Kuenzler, Winston Armstrong.

6,500 lb. Enhanced: Brent Kuenzler, Chuck Chapman, Kevin Rowan.

7,500 lb. Enhanced: Lorie Durant, Chuck Chapman, Kevin Rowan.