Thursday ..7/22/10 and Saturday .. 7/24/10


As reported by Roger Austin.

The Thursday work day made progress in several areas. Charles and Helen Alton and Mary Jane Chester dusted, vacuumed, and generally cleaned up the Collection Building including pigeon deposits on the two-horse treadmill.

Ken Tupper moved Roddie Burns' backhoe from down on 310 up to the slope at the rear of the Maple Sugar Building. He has cut a slot for the box trailer, which is ready for occupancy if/when someone can pull/drag it into place. This will reduce the trailer's silhouette from 310 and make is less visible at the Show grounds.

Lee Goolden, Roger Austin, Bob Marshall, Rudy Sinkeldam, and Eric Warner turned seats on one set of bleachers. The process was successful, resulting in a much improved surface for sitting. However, it was made clear that an impact wrench would have been a great help. Rudy suggested treating the metal with rust coat sealer before painting with the Rustoleum we have on hand. Bob suggests we see if we can get the prisoners to do the painting of the bleachers. After completing one bleacher, the crew loaded most of the contents of the small garage in back of the milk house into trucks and hauled the materials to the Greenwood Barn. A 36-inch door was dropped off at the Store Building. Ten bundles of shingles, windows, and more doors were moved.

Reg Chester has been putting in lots of hours in his spare time on the Cobbler Shop Building. Bob Moulton has been handy too. The building is taking shape with soffit and fascia completed and the interior ready to finish. Most of the windows are in. A double front door has been stripped and is ready for finishing which will start Saturday. Current thoughts about siding include use of vinyl siding which would reduce maintenance.

Charlie Alton has ordered 300 lineal feet of siding for the barn siding repairs. He expects it to be delivered in a week or two.

Barbara Alford and Joe Finnegan have mowed the place and it looks great!

Looks like Paul Moore has been busy. The gravel in the Sawmill Building has been smoothed out, and the sawmill has been moved inside.

Saturday .. 7/24/10

As reported by Roger Austin.

Lee Goolden, Lee Williams, Gary Hargrave, and I spent Saturday morning at the Museum. Three important jobs were completed. Almost all of the lumber is now covered with steel roofing. It's not a 100% solution to keeping it dry, but it will help a lot. We did some straightening and consolidating. The tin is held down with heavy pieces of slab wood. Lee weed whacked around the barn and out buildings while the rest of us installed insulation in the ceiling of Reg's store.

Charlie Alton has ordered siding for the barn. Lee has cleared away the tall weeds in back. Someone needs to help move the timber and old iron away from the building (within reason) so we and the prisoners can work there without tripping over stuff.