School House Moving == August 12, 2011

Dis-assembley -- Leray, NY



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Old Indian River schoolhouse moved to Madrid

MADRID Two local organizations, The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum and the Northern Empire State Chapter of The Antique Truck Club of America worked together to move the 150 year old Schoolhouse #12 to the museum site on County Rt. 345 in Madrid, NY.

It was acquired by The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum from the Indian River Central School District and was located on State Rt. 11 just south of the Indian River Central School.

Assisting in the move were St. Lawrence Power & Equipment members Roger Austin, Wayne Hill, Henry (last name unsure) and Mike Caskinette along with local Amish carpenters.

The crane was provided by Mr. Grant Construction and tractor trailer by Mike Caskinette.

Madrid Delivery

A team of Amish workers and hardy Museum volunteers has been hard at work and delivered the majority of the Schoolhouse to the Museum site August 12th. Many, Many thanks to Mr Grant Construction.

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