Tractor building

Antique Tractor Building Takes Shape == July - August 2014

July -Aug 2014 Newsletter = Roger Austin

Basic framing by Burns Construction, LLC on the Antique Tractor Building is largely complete. Project Chair Reg Chester, Leon Cline, Wayne Hill, Don Lustyik, and Wayne Stark have put up siding sawn at our own mill by Jim Mitchell, sawyer, during shows. The logs were donated by Pat Curran at Seaway Timber Harvesting, Inc. The new roof donated by Roge LaPierre’s RSI Roofing, Inc is being mated to the siding with Chester’s crew installing soffit using a man-lift borrowed from Burns. Interior walls are being installed, dividing the show room, work shop, and storage areas. Ken Tupper has the surrounding area graded and ready for seeding. The building soon will be sufficiently finished so that it can be put to good use during upcoming events. However, funding is still needed to complete the project. Overhead doors, electrical service and lighting, and interior furnishings top the list.