August 4, 2014

Horse Building Cleaning

As reported by Chuck Goolden 8-4-14

Today was a special volunteer work day at the Museum. At the Tractor Building Reggie Chester and Wayne Hill continued working hard as Barb Alford was busy mowing lawns again. The main task for the day was a clean up of the Horse Equipment Display Building. We did have an ulterior motive which was a scheduled visit by the family benefactors of the Harden carrige collection, located in Rome, NY, to check out our facilities as a potential site for their donation. The building looked excellent at the days end.

A big thank you to all the volunteers. Without this type of great volunteer help our Museum would not be thriving so well.

VOLUNTEERS === Roger Austin, Dave Baker, Wayne Day and his son-in-law, Wayne Stark, Shirley Dickinson, Chuck Goolden, Lee Goolden, Gary Hargrave, Myron Langford, Bob Marshall, Marcia Oney, Bob Smith and Lee Willams with son, Paul.