Granary Repairs ... 11/20/08

As Reported by Dave Baker ,....

Over the weekend Reg Chester put in floor joists, removed the jacking plank and replaced some boards on the end under the window opening. Wayne Day installed electrical conduit and a junction box for future use.

This afternoon John Hough, Rudi Sinkeldam, Claude Burdick and myself installed the floor boards. They were boards from the old horsebarn hayloft floor that had been dismantled six years ago at my farm and stored. I have material to make a new door. A board was screwed over the window opening until later.

Thanks to all who helped.

By the June exhibition, the improved granary will hold an excellent exhibit of vintage seed cleaners, fanning mills, and other equipment from the Museum's collection and those of members. Anyone wishing to help set up the display should contact Dave Baker.