Thursday .. 6/16/11


As reported by Roger Austin.

There are now three piles of braces and nailers in the Pavilion Building. They are sorted according to size with the pile of largest timbers being the smallest. It can be moved and restacked if need be - we were too tired to worry about it. There are a few nailers remaining to be finished and moved but not for another couple weeks. We might be a week or two away from starting to move and stack the big timbers up at the new foundations where the concrete floor was poured today. They will not be stored in the Pavilion Building. If anyone moves timbers, please take special care not to harm the tenons on the ends.

The movers arrived at Weaver's barn around 9:45. They included:

1. Gary Hargrave - pickup with utility trailer

2. Ivan Gordon and Irene Cole - pickup plus utility trailer

3. Roger and Carol Austin - small pickup

4. Kyle Hartman - pickup

5. Lee Goolden with a utility trailer

6. Linda Batt - pickup

With the help of Weaver and another timberframer, we left Weavers around 11:15 and finished unloading and stacking the timbers at the museum at 12:30. Everyone worked. There will be a few sore backs tomorrow morning. Hats off to all the volunteers.