Tuesday .. 6/28/11


As reported by Roger Austin.

Last Tuesday Jim McGraw, Ivan Gordon, Dave Baker, Lee Williams, and John Castle brought the trailers they usually use to haul tractors over to the farm of Amish timberframer Jacob Weaver. Ken Tupper was there with forks mounted on his John Deere. During the day they made nine loads and hauled all the big timbers for the Horse Building over to the Museum. Jim McGraw drove the first load and spent the rest of the day unloading and stacking the timbers with Max and Barb Fisher's John Deere.

Jacob and his brother helped the loading while two Swartzentrubers helped at the Museum. We also had Charles Alton, Roger Austin, Wayne Day, and Arnie Thomson. A couple weeks earlier, Gary Hargrave, Ivan Gordon and Ilene Cole, Roger and Carol Austin, Kyle Hartman, Lee Goolden, and Linda Batt had loaded their pickups and utility trailers with braces for the beams.

So now we have several stacks of timber ready for July 5 when erection of the building should begin. Burns Construction completed all the concrete work early enough for it to cure well. Grant Thesier has been by a couple times. If scheduling allows, he and Steve will loan the crane from Mr. Grant Construction to aid Weaver and his crew in lifting the big timbers in place.