Thursday .. 8/19/10 and Saturday .. 8/21/10


As reported by Roger Austin.

We had two good Workdays this week and accomplished nearly 100 hours of Museum chores. Present on Thursday were Charlie and Helen Alton, Roger and Carol Austin, Reg Chester, Shirley Dickinson, Chuck Goolden, Lee Goolden, Shi Krieg, Jim McGraw, Carole and Bob Moulton, and Lee Williams.

Lumber piles were relocated to make more exhibit and parking space; bleachers were scraped, primed, and seats reversed; siding was put on the new Store; exhibits in the house were organized; and water quality tests were made. Barb Alford mowed around the house and barn and it looks great. Bill and Keitha McIntire delivered paint for the gas station.

On Saturday we had Roger and Carol Austin, John Castle, Shi Krieg, Dave McKane, Doug Mathey, Paul Moore, and Ken Tupper. Two bleachers are finished and ready to use and another is two-thirds finished. Work on a fourth has begun. Water was tested. Work at the sawmill by Paul and others has the undercarriage removed and the process of leveling and strengthening has begun. The Collection Building was "bombed" to kill off some spiders. Marjorie Farr stopped by to drop off a donation for the collection, a maple tapping machine mounted on a backboard for display at the Maple Sugar House.

In all, we had a good two days. Hats off to all those who contribute time to make the Museum a better place.