Background information ... 8/26/09

Mike Livingston called to report that Duane Curtis has offered us the windmill on the family farm on State Hwy 68 (Canton-Ogdensburg road) west of Woodbridge Corners (intersection with Cty. Rt. 14) near Tracy Road. Mike says that during the past year or more, he and Bob Marshall had talked with Curtis about donating it to the Museum. Now he would like to do so with the stipulation that a plaque be provided stating that the gift is in memory of Ellis Curtis, his father.


On Thursday, the wind mill project started at 4 pm. The tower was on the ground at the Museum by 6:15 ! A great job was done by Bobby Dalton with assistance from David LaPage, and Jim McGraw with his trailer. The boom truck was donated by Bill Tiernan of K-T Power of Waddington, which made the tickelish project easy. The windmill was on the Hwy. Rt. 68 right of way with power lines nearby. However, the boom operater handled it all with ease.

Bobby Dalton will work on the mill mechanism this winter.