Exhibit: The Equine Pavillion

Note: The Equine Pavilion project was spearheaded by Chairman John Castle. We are proud of the behind the scenes work that museum volunteers put in alongside John and Andrea Castle. Many thanks to Burns Construction, Madrid, NY. Construction photos courtesy of Shirley Dickenson and Gary Hargrave.

The Equine Pavilion will provide covered space for a variety of horse-related programs. These include training classes on riding, driving teams, and safety; competitions for riders and pullers; and shows featuring various varieties of breeds. The Pavilion will be of pole barn construction. The main area will be a 50′ X 100′ arena with a 20’ X 100’ area with bleachers for spectators. The spectator area will be protected from the arena by stout fencing to provide a safe viewing area. Plans are being coordinated by John Castle, Bob Marshall, and Eric Warner.

Construction Details and Finance (6/24/2016)

Equine Education Building Construction

Equine Education Building-June 10-11, 2017
The Equine Education Building was completed and used extensively at our Spring Exhibition on June 10-11, 2017. The Equine Building’s “first trot” and initial events went very smooth.

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