Exhibit: General Store

General Store

In March of 2021 Earth work has begun for construction of a General Store at the Village Green. It will sit on its northwest corner not far from the Schoolhouse. The Store will have 1,300 square feet of exhibit space including dry goods, butcher shop, post office and an apothecary/drug store in the main section and a barber shop in an annex. The building’s façade will reflect those of many of the region’s commercial buildings of the 1920s with a fancy cornice at the top. Bob Marshall is coordinating the project and is responsible for fund raising and collection of exhibit items.

In August project chair Robert Marshall reports major progress on the General Store project with the building nearly dried in. The building will have two sections, the main store with 1,150 square feet and a connecting barber shop of 170. The building features a high false front for signage with a permanent covered sidewalk extending out from the building’s front. Siding is being selected. The store will have features typical of the early 1900’s and will exhibit many of the items found in stores of that period. It will be filled with canned goods, needles and thread, flour and sugar, feed and seed, barrels of crackers, coffee, hoop cheese, fabric, shoes, and the countless other items essential to life 100 years ago. One corner will feature a small post office and in another an apothecary . There will also be space for sale of souvenirs, soft goods, “penny” candy, toys, books, and other items for real the visitors’ enjoyment. Work will continue on the building a bit longer with completion expected this summer.

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