Exhibit: The Blacksmith Shop

The North Country has many excellent blacksmiths, and James Tiernan and Reg Chester have been talking with several. A Blacksmith Shop has long been on the list of facilities needed at the Museum. Envisioned is a 20 X 20 foot post and beam building, built in the style of the shops seen 50 to 100 years ago. It will be located on Sawmill Lane with its back to the gas station and will have a forge, anvil, and tools of that period. It will be a working shop where iron goods can be made and visitors and blacksmiths alike can learn from the experts. Those interested in assisting the project or wanting to donate tools should contact Chester. Ground preparation has begun with Ken Tupper spreading gravel for its base. Shaping the timbers will take place this winter. Please let Regggie know if you want to help with this project.

How Anvils Are Made

Here are some great blacksmith photos from our June 2018 Event:

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