On April 22nd, the Board of Trustees announced that the Museum will remain closed through June. This includes cancellation of the Spring Show, the Gathering of the Orange as well as open houses, work days, and school visits. This difficult decision was made not only to protect our visitors, but especially our wonderful volunteers. July events will be addressed at the Board’s next meeting in May, especially the Civil War Weekend. The Museum is already seeing if the GOTO can be rescheduled during 2021. Meanwhile, non-essential spending has been virtually eliminated. Much of our financial success this year will depend on gifts to cover fixed costs of operating. Every gift will be very welcome. 

Thanks and regards, Roger S. Austin, Secretary


IMPORTANT NOTICE: New York State Governor Cuomo has announced the “New York State on PAUSE” executive order, a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone.

  1. Effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22, all non-essential businesses statewide will be closed;
  1. Non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason (e.g. parties, celebrations or other social events) are canceled or postponed at this time; and
  2. Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services and social distancing should be practiced.

Go to https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/new-york-state-pause for the other seven points and further information.

Welcome To The St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum

Welcome to the St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum. Our mission is to preserve the power systems, equipment and related knowledge and skills that were an integral part of the development of the North Country, especially the region of the St. Lawrence River. The exhibits and programs provided by the Museum focus largely on the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. Through our ongoing programs, the community and visitors gain a better understanding of the early, largely rural life-style of the region and how it was supported and shaped by the arrival of new technologies.

We hope to provide an exciting environment that will stimulate young minds, promote involvement in history and technology, and encourage recollection and reflection among older members of the community.

Upcoming Events For 2020

Civil War ReEnactment Weekend

July 25th – July 26th

A collaboration of the St. Lawrence County Historical Association and the St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum.

St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum
1755 State Hwy 345
Madrid, NY 13660 United States

30th Annual Old Fashioned Harvest Days Exhibition

September 5th  10am-8pm & September 6th 10am-8pm

St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum
1755 State Hwy 345
Madrid, NY 13660 United States

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Exhibit: The Blacksmith Shop

The North Country has many excellent blacksmiths, and James Tiernan and Reg Chester have been talking with several. A Blacksmith Shop has long been on the list of facilities needed at the Museum. Envisioned is a 20 X 20 foot post and beam building, built in the style of the shops seen 50 to 100

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Small Engines

Our museum has a number of small engines which have been donated or acquired/purchased. We will soon have a complete listing of these available along with photos and information.

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Exhibit: Excavator

Donated by Bill Bartlett and Pete Green in 2016: Bay City excavator power shovel. That’s Bill in the photos. Bill replaced the original engine with one from a McCormick Deering 10-20. He hopes to have the machine operable in the future. The machine was primarily used for digging ditches for water and drain pipes.

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Exhibit: Farquhar Steam Engine

A. B. Farquhar Steam Engine This portable steam engine was built in 1922 and is rated at forty horsepower. According to Engineer Gary Hargrave, the original working/running pressure was 125 pounds. It was later lowered to 50 LBS as a “Hobby Boiler” for safety reasons by The New York State Boiler inspector around the Mid

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Exhibit: Log Splitter

Mary Jane Watson, brother Ronnie Watson and Bernard Buckley donated a wood splitter with engine last fall (2017) in memory of Gordon Watson. The wood splitter was used many years to split logs to make firewood at camps around Colton and South Colton. The machine out-produced other means available in the area. It was also

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Exhibit: Lane Sawmill

LANE SAWMILL — 1920 Mill information from the 1997 newsletters as reported by Paul Shirley. February 1997 I called Ross Goodyear after the meeting. His mill is not available to us this year. I feel that a sawmill is a great attraction to our show, so with permission from various club members, I started looking for

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Exhibit: Vertical Sawmill

Vertical Sawmill Building Plans Vertical Sawmill Building Construction, Nov 12, 2012 to present Vertical Sawmill: Paul Moore, Ken Tupper and Reg Chester have begun work on a new building to house the vertical sawmill. It will be located next to the Lane Sawmill building on the Hwy 345 side. To figure out how much room

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Exhibit: Heritage Fibers Building

Heritage Fibers Dedicates Building The new Heritage Fibers building was an immediate hit at the Spring Exhibition. Even before the dedication, visitors came to see the new facilities. Mabel Baker and Andrea Castle welcomed their guests along with other members of the Heritage Fibers group who were busy demonstrating their skills. Danny Dunkelberg and his

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