Exhibit: Texaco Gas Station

The History Of The Texaco Gas Station

GAS STATION MATERIALS GATHERED (From Sept-Oct 2008 Newsletter)

Construction materials are beginning to come together for use in building a replica of the one-room gas station at the intersection of State Hwys. 310 and 345. The condition of the original station has deteriorated too far for it to be used in place, much less moved to the Museum. Museum deeds show that the station began business around 1928. Others report that the station had an earlier origin, having been moved there from Morley.

During the Fall Exhibition, sawyer Jim Mitchell sawed 2×8’s needed for the floor. Pine 1×6’s donated last year by Chuck and Lee Goolden have been milled to exactly reproduce the siding. More lumber is available in the stacks of lumber already cut and stacked near the farmhouse.

Getting the details of the original building reproduced exactly will require special effort. Photos of the building have been taken. Stan and Barbara Alford of Alford’s Sash & Door Co. in Madrid report that the windows can be reproduced.

Before someone decides to remove the original building, we need to record the exact measurements of all the architectural details. Any volunteers?

GAS STATION PROGRESS (From Nov-Dec 2008 Newsletter)

During November, William Mousaw, William Maclntire, and George Cox, all members of the Museum and the St. Lawrence / Adirondack Section of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), and Clarkson student Matt Parno spent quality time at the old gas station at the intersection of State Highways 310 and 345 in Madrid.

The group took measurements, pictures and made sketches from outside and in. Parno will prepare the data collected so it can be used to guide construction of a replica gas station. The present gas station originally built in the 1920’s is in very poor condition and could not be relocated.

The AACA Section will take primary responsibility for construction of the replica. The group welcomes aid furnishing it with appropriate period items.

AACA ADOPTS GAS STATION PLANS (From March-April 2009 Newsletter)

A planning group with the St. Lawrence-Adirondack Section of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) met at the end of March to adopt plans prepared by Matthew Parno for construction of a replica of the gas station originally at the intersection of State Highways 310 and 345. Parno is a senior at Clarkson University. His work is one of the Public Service Projects performed through the auspices of the University.

The Museum’s Construction Committee will meet with AACA Section representatives during May to address specific details of the project including its location and materials. It is expected that the replica gas station will be a focal point for auto meets and related activities in the future. Several members of the AACA Section are also members of the Museum.


Members of the St. Lawrence-Adirondack Chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America have begun construction of the 16 x 20 foot 1920’s gas station. A replica of the structure at the intersection of State Highways 345 and 310, it will be the first historic building located on the future village green. Head carpenter, Bill Mousaw, hopes to have the building weathered in before winter. Stan and Barb Alford have reproduced the windows exactly as they were in the original building. James Neuffer of Rochester donated a trailer-load of antique bead-board (typical wainscoting) for the building’s interior. It currently is stored in the barn. The siding of the original building has also been duplicated. Windows, doors and interior are the goals for 2010.

A partial of construction helpers includes Wayne Ackley, Tom Brothers, George Cox, Red Curtis, Kyle Hartman, Dick Kimble, Mike Lenox, Bill Macintire, Bill Mousaw, Chris Mousaw, Jane Mousaw, Karen Mousaw, Dave Rexford, Floyd Sherman, Theron Sherman, Richard Snyder and Paul Watson.


As you can see, great progress was made on the gas station during the summer. It was not open for the Fall Exibition but anyone could view the beginnings of the inside displays.


Members of the St. Lawrence-Adirondack Chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America are nearly ready for business at their new mid-1900s gas station. During May a team erected the big Texaco sign and installed two pumps. Gary Collins and crew provided the crane to set the sign in place. Bill Mousaw acquired the pole from the Town of Colton. Bill LaPierre donated the sign and Jefford’s Steel made and donated the bracket to hold the sign. Bill Riggs donated the pumps which were refurbished by Floyd Sherman. Wayne Akley and, of course, Bill Mousaw were there to help the effort.

Calnon Jacket Donated

Jane Calnon Jurgens donated her father’s Texaco jacket to the museum’s gas station project. Bill Mousaw and Floyd Sherman were pleased to accept her generosity on behalf of the Automobile Club & Museum.

“I am so pleased Jane got to visit and meet with you. Loved the pictures! Daddy would be proud. I would imagine Jane told you the layout of the station, I know she would remember. Thank you. This means the world to me, mom, and Jane.” Patricia Calnon

Photo: Floyd Sherman, Jane Calnon Jergens, Bill Mousaw




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