Exhibit: Collections Building

FIRST EXHIBITS – August 2009
By Roger Austin. From the Sept – Oct 2009 newsletter.

New Inventions and Technologies Make Life Easier is the theme of the first exhibits displayed in the new Collections Building. Paired items contrast early implements with subsequent inventions that increased productivity.

These include sawing by hand versus engine-powered saws, forking hay into the haymow versus hoists, threshing by hand compared with threshing machines, and gathering hay using hand rakes compared with the very earliest horse-drawn rake. A display of early labor-saving devices includes a hand operated corn sheller, vegetable choppers and slicers, a washing machine, and even a bone grinder to provide calcium for egg layers. A carriage and sleigh, items once essential to daily life, are contrasted with a very lightweight sleigh used in races down the frozen rivers during winter. A pastime made possible by increased productivity from a new invention.

By Roger Austin. From the July – Aug 2009 newsletter.

Under slightly cloudy skies and threatening rain, the first major event of the June Exhibition got underway, the Grand Opening of the newly completed Collection Building. Seated among an assembly of items from the collection, a gathering of members and friends welcomed honored guests NY State Senator Darrel J. Aubertine, Sweetgrass Foundation Chairman Allan P. Newell, and members of the Madrid Town Council. Museum President Roger Austin opened the program with welcomes and remarks, introducing the Muuseum’s trustees. Treasurer Charles Goolden recognized the financial support provided through the efforts of the guests and Museum members who also contributed. Paul Moore, Trustee and chair of the Museum’s Construction Committee, was recognized for his important role in selecting a great steel package. Burns Construction Co. was complemented for their fine work. Senator Aubertine complemented the Museum for its achievements and noted the Museum’s great potential in preserving history, education, and promotion of tourism. Then the Senator was joined by Museum Trustees, each given scissors, and the ribbon at the doorway was cut into pieces. By the end of the program, the sun had come out. It stayed until the Exhibition was over.

By Roger Austin. From the May – June 2009 newsletter.

The first major event at the June exhibition will be the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Collection Building at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 13. During the brief ceremony, the Museum will recognize those who supported its construction including Senator Darrel Aubertine and the Sweetgrass Foundation, not forgetting members and friends as well.

The new building will provide 2,400 square feet of urgently needed space for the storage and display of items in the Museum’s collection and will be open on a regularly scheduled basis beginning in July. Burns Construction Co. has been working hard since early May to get the new facility completed and ready for the event.

By Roger Austin. From the March – April 2009 newsletter.

Burns Construction Co. is beginning earth moving for the Collection Storage Building as this issue goes to press. In the first days of April, the steel framing arrived and was off-loaded nearby. If the weather cooperates we should see major progress in the next 6-8 weeks.

Plans are being made for a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 am on Satturday June 13, opening day at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Exhibition. We have invited Senator Darrel J. Aubertine to attend. The new building will be filled with displays that will be enjoyed by Exhibition visitors. These will be enhanced for the regular openings that will begin in July.

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