Exhibit: Print Shop

In June 2023 items were moved from the storage to the Print Shop.

In May 2021 work on the Print Shop finally got under way with construction of the concrete foundation and slab. The building will be 24 x 40 feet in area and house not only the printing equipment currently operated by Bob O’Marah and Ted Ritzko, but also machines now stored at two sites off campus. The goal is to complete the building this year so congestion in the Collection Building can be relieved, allowing new exhibits.

By August 2021 the Village Printers building is up, dried-in, and ready for winter. Work on the electrical system has been started. Construction will continue in spring with completion expected in mid-2022. The finished building will feature a high false front with cornice and corbels at the top, a large sign beneath, and a roll-up awning. With about $1,000 remaining to be raised, the Sweetgrass Foundation Matching Grant will bring $5,000 to the project . Your donation to the Print Shop project will be very welcome. Bob O’Marah and Ted Ritzko are ready to move in as soon as the building is completed. All the machines currently in the Collection Building and others temporarily stored off-campus will be located there. The building will have 960 square feet of space in a single open room. When completed, Village Printers will be a premiere vintage job shop with its early-1900’s equipment.

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