Power & Equipment Museum Plans for 2021 / Looks for Help with Big Plans

The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum plans a big 2021 with three major events among several others. The Annual Spring Exhibition will be held June 11-13 and will feature the Gathering of the Orange, a national meeting of Allis Chalmers enthusiasts. The Civil War Weekend, held in conjunction with the St. Lawrence County Historical Association, will be at the Museum’s Ft. Tribute July 24-25. The Annual Old Fashioned Harvest Days Exhibition will be September 4-5. The Heritage Fibers Center and Blacksmith Shop will hold classes. The Pumpkin Patch Party for children will be in October. School groups and others will have special tours, and visitors are always welcome during Open House days.

The Museum is an all-volunteer organization. Even with its remarkable volunteers, more will be needed this year. Anyone with an interest in history, preservation of the region’s past, and having great fun will be welcome. All skills are needed and many can be learned. You are needed if you can sew, drive a tractor, use a hammer, cook, drive a horse, push a broom, host visitors, drive a golf car, grill chicken, write, keep accounts, take pictures, collect tickets, or do just about anything. It is fun and very satisfying. Membership is only $25/year with couples only $5 more.

This year’s programs suffered cancellations of several events due to COVID restrictions. However, the year finished on a promising note. The new Civil War Center with Ft. Tribute as its centerpiece was dedicated, the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce held its annual Crafts, Food and Wine festival, and open houses were restarted,

Construction projects resumed in mid-summer with much work done on the new Wood Shop, the 1835 Log Cabin, the 1850 Schoolhouse, and Shoe Shop. Construction began on the foundation for a 2,000 square foot historic church building to be moved to the Museum in spring.

Activities this year were made possible by a healthy North Country community which followed rules for gatherings. Masks were worn, personal separation maintained, hands washed, and temperatures taken. The Museum’s campus is almost always supplied by a fresh supply of vigorous Canadian air crossing the border without restriction. Regardless, everyone looks forward to the arrival of new vaccines against COVID-19.

The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum is a 501(c)(3) education corporation, provisionally chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York, and located at 1755 State Hwy. 345 in Madrid, NY. For more information go to www.slpowermuseum.com or call 315-322- 8956 or write SLPEM, PO Box 400, Madrid, NY 13660. Applications for membership can be sent to this address. Be sure to include a check for dues as well as your name(s), address, phone number and email address. Donations would be very welcome, as the Museum’s normal revenue stream has been interrupted as with many others.

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