Board of Trustees

Joseph A. Finnegan: President / Trustee – 12/31/19
PO Box 101
Madrid, NY 13660
Phone 315-322-4017
E-mail [email protected]

Ronald E. Sheppard: Vice-President / Trustee – 12/31/19 45 Old State Road
Heuvelton, NY 13654
Phone 315-323-5349
E-mail [email protected]

Roger S. Austin: Secretary / Trustee – 12/31/19
410 Stevenson Rd.
Rensselaer Falls, NY 13680
Phone 315-344-7470 [summers]
E-mail [email protected]
179 Lakecrest Dr. NE
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone/Fax 478-453-3640 [winters]

Lee W. Dezell: Treasurer – 12/31/19
1648 County Route 31
Lisbon, NY 13658
Phone 315-393-6328
E-mail [email protected]

Reginald F. Chester: Trustee (Past President) 12/31/19
8350 County Rt. 27
Lisbon, NY 13656
Phone 315-394-6513
Cell 315-244-2330
E-mail [email protected]

Robert J. Marshall: Trustee – 12/31/19
1797 County Rt. 28
Lisbon, NY 13658
Phone 315-393-7644
E-mail [email protected]

Andrea L. Castle: Trustee 12/31/19
1015 County Route 44
Madrid, NY 13660
Phone 315-322-5663
E-mail [email protected]

Wayne E. Day: Trustee – 12/31/20
1056 County Route 30
Madrid, NY 13660
Phone 315-322-8956
E-mail [email protected]

Kevin Finnegan: Trustee – 12/31/20
3357 County Rt. 14
Madrid, NY 13660
Phone 315-322-5771
E-mail [email protected]

David W. Gibson: Trustee – 12/31/21
266 Pike Rd
Canton, NY 13617
Phone 315-386-3539

Kirke W. Perry: Trustee – 12/31/21
PO Box 243
Colton, NY 13625
[email protected]

2 thoughts on “Board of Trustees”

  1. Norman Rapoport

    Dear Sirs,
    Recently, I observed a mention on educational television by Derek Muirden of your museum. I happened to catch a view of an antique oil tank truck at your museum with the words “Merrill of Portland, Maine” on its rear panel. If so, my dad originally painted and lettered it. My dad, Louis Rapoport, was Paul Merrill’s exclusive sign painter of Merrill Transport rolling stock from the late 1940’s to the early 1970’s. If you still have this truck, I have more information that I can tell you about the Merrill Transport Company.

    1. Norman, if you receive this please give me a call. 208-890-2299
      I know a bit about the Merrill’s as my niece was married to P.D.

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