Exhibit: Farquhar Steam Engine

A. B. Farquhar Steam Engine

This portable steam engine was built in 1922 and is rated at forty horsepower. According to Engineer Gary Hargrave, the original working/running pressure was 125 pounds. It was later lowered to 50 LBS as a “Hobby Boiler” for safety reasons by The New York State Boiler inspector around the Mid to late 1970s. The large steam dome is an indicator of a quality built engine.

This engine was purchased by the St. Lawrence County Highway Department and was used for rock crushing. The last recollections, from workmen, are of it being used to melt tar that arrived by rail and had to be liquefied in the 1940’s.

It was bought for $1.00 and refurbished by Museum members under the direction of Paul Shirley. The restoration is ongoing.

1st Chief Engineer – Ed Fincham 1931-2005

Engineer – Gary Hargrave

Engineer – Bill Clinger

A Little History of A. B. Farquhar

The A. B. Farquhar Company, manufacturers of steam traction engines, gasoline farm tractors and agricultural implements, has its roots planted deeply in the industrial history of the city of York, in south-central Pennsylvania.

Arthur Briggs Farquhar was born to William Henry and Margaret (Briggs) Farquhar on September 28, 1838, in Sandy Springs, Maryland, approximately 18 miles outside of our nation’s capital at Washington. A. B., as he came to be known, was very studious, and was greatly interested in mechanics. After managing the family farm for a year, arrangements were made for A. B. to move to York and find work as an apprentice in a foundry or machine shop.

His machinery had been awarded premiums at all the leading expositions, including the Centennial at Philadelphia, the Paris Exposition, the New Orleans Cotton Exposition, the World’s Columbian Exposition, the Pan-American at Buffalo and the World’s Fair at St. Louis.

Above: Museum members belting up the steamer at the 22nd annual spring show. From left to right …Ed Fincham, Ross Goodyear, Gary Hargrave, and Shannon Bond.

Additional Photos of The A. B. Farquhar Steamer

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